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Abuse Cases AttorneyAbuse cases are among the most difficult and troubling types of personal injury litigation. They always involve extremely shocking conduct by the defendant and in most cases, the defendant’s employer is likely to be sued as well for having negligently hired, retained or trained the employee or employees involved or in having sanctioned the abusive behavior.

What makes abuse cases so disturbing and difficult are a combination of factors that include:

• The Age or Physical Condition of the Injured Person – Almost all abuse cases involve people who are the most vulnerable to this type of conduct. They include children, the elderly or incompetent, and illegal immigrants.
• The Reluctance of the injured Party to Reveal the Abuse – When a person is physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, it is always very embarrassing for that person to come forward and tell people what happened. In many cases, that is made even more difficult because the victim is a child or an elderly or incompetent person. Often, the victim doesn’t think anyone will believe what has happened or the victim’s family will not want to put the person through the ordeal of litigation. Sometimes the victim is so terrified of the abuser that they believe coming forward will lead to even more abuse.
• The Position of the Abuser – In most cases the abuser is a person in authority or enjoys a prominent place in the community. Thus, medical personnel, members of the clergy, law enforcement officers and teachers sometimes abuse many victims over long periods of time before they are finally revealed for what they are.
• The Employer’s Efforts to Avoid Liability – Needless to say, school districts, religious organizations, large companies, hospitals and nursing homes do not wish to be the subject of negative publicity, lawsuits, criminal investigations or monetary judgments or settlements. For this reason, there is always the temptation to cover up after abusive employees, hinder investigations, deny the abusive conduct ever occurred, destroy critical evidence or discredit the victim. This can cause the litigation to take longer than anticipated and become very expensive for the law firm involved.

Only a law firm that is familiar with all of the difficulties involved in abuse cases and is compassionate and mindful of the trauma the victim has suffered can truly represent these terribly injured people. Our dedication to the victims of abuse is without compromise and we are prepared to battle for our clients in these cases for as long as it takes in order to see that justice is done and that they are properly compensated for the trauma they have suffered.

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