New York – New Jersey Medical Devices Attorney

Medical Devices have been created to repair, replace, and assist various body parts or bodily functions. These products help prolong life, restore functionality and treat life-threatening conditions. As with any other manufactured product, medical devices are prone to the same failures as an electric hairdryer or tire. Unfortunately, however, when a medical device is defectively designed or fails the result is often a serious injury or death for the patient. Many medical devices have been removed from the market and/or the subject of litigation. As in the case of unsafe drugs, the lawsuits often take the form of “Mass Tort Litigation.” Some of the more high-profile medical devices embroiled in such litigation are:

  • hip replacements and implants
  • transvaginal mesh
  • breast implants
  • dialysis machines
  • defibrillators
  • implants (cobalt poisoning risk)
  • knee replacements and implants
  • various stents and shunts
  • pacemakers
  • testing equipment of various types

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