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Unfortunately, the injuries that accidents cause are very real and in many cases carry with them life altering consequences for the victim. Some accidents are no one’s fault and some injuries are not caused by accidents. If, however, an injury is caused by someone’s carelessness or neglect, the victim may be entitled to monetary damages.

Although “negligence” is the broadest category of personal injury litigation, there are many different types of negligence cases. These range from simple trip-and-fall and automobile accidents to complex cases involving medical malpractice or defective products.

Injured persons (“plaintiffs”) in negligence cases are entitled to recover money damages for their past and future pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses, and other provable losses caused by those injuries. While money alone cannot restore a person to their pre-accident condition, it is the law’s attempt to allow injured persons to resume as normal a life as possible.

When a negligence case results in someone’s death it is called a “wrongful death” case. Only a small percentage of personal injury and wrongful death cases are based on intentional conduct. The damages in a wrongful death case are awarded to the estate of the deceased person and are based on the “pecuniary loss to the distributees.” This means the amount of money (from the date of death) lost by all of the people recognized as members of the “estate” of the deceased person. Thus, spouses, children, and parents may all be entitled to share in the recovery or settlement.

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