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At Bloomberg, Steinberg & Bader, we specialize in representing those who have been injured at the workplace in New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area. Workplace injuries can result in long period without paychecks or even permanent displacement from the workplace. Workplace injury law is complex and takes knowledgeable, highly trained professionals to navigate successfully though the tangled process. The experience can be tough on victims and families with insurance carriers and employers holding many advantages.

It’s essential to know your rights when it comes to dealing with injuries incurred at work or while performing a job. Injured workers need to focus on getting better, not dealing with paperwork and legal disputes. When injuries occur on the job, the first step is to get medical assistance immediately. Fast, pro-active attention to medical issues provides a documented record of injuries and demonstrates the legitimacy of any claim. It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion. Bader Law and associates make sure they help clients take those right actions, and more, to ensure successful outcomes of injury cases.

Common workplace injuries include:

  • Workplace slips and falls
  • Moving objects, strenuous activities
  • Driving collisions and accidents
  • On-the-job physical assault
  • Eyes, wrists, back injured through repetitive stress
  • Asbestos, toxic mold, environmental pollution, hazards
  • Machinery used on farms and in factories

Thousands of New Jersey and New York residents are injured on the job each year. Many times, recovering lost wages and rightful benefits can be a hassle. Benefits routinely are rejected , delayed, or offered for pennies on the dollar. Experienced representation like that offered by Bader Law levels the playing field and gets clients the positive results they want and deserve.

Accidents and workplace injuries can be stressful and confusing times. Actions that should be taken when a workplace injury occurs includes:

  • Immediately notify the employer that and injury has taken place
  • Promptly go for medical care, don’t miss appointments, get second opinions
  • Don’t accept company insurance estimates under any condition
  • Be skeptical about government workplace comp insurance coverage

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