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Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation. With more than four million registered motorcycles on the road today in the United States, it’s no wonder five percent of highway fatalities are deaths involving motorcycles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that a whopping 80 percent of reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death — compare that to automobiles at approximately 20 percent.

Seth Bader, our senior trial attorney, is an experienced and avid motorcyclist, and he is keenly aware that accidents and injuries can still happen despite bikers doing their utmost to protect themselves while riding. At Bloomberg, Steinberg & Bader we are proud to offer representation to members of the motorcycling community who suffer injuries in accidents through no fault of their own. In the event you are injured in this type of situation, you need to know you have the complete support and backing of a qualified attorney who knows this type of personal injury law inside and out. The attorney you choose should be skilled in navigating the complex waters of motorcycle accidents, effectively dealing with the bias against bikers from law enforcement personnel who investigate accidents like these, as well as insurance companies and the court system. Knowing your rights is key to getting the compensation you deserve. You likely have mounting medical bills that need to be paid, along with compensation for lost wages as a result of being out of work due to injury.

Receiving counsel from an experienced attorney like Mr. Bader, who is also a biker, is essential. Fatal motorcycle crashes in New York totaled 164 in 2012, according to the NYS DMV. In New Jersey, 2,500 motorcycles crash each year, says the Federal Highway Authority. These statistics are sobering for anyone who loves to ride a bike. With a 75 percent chance of being injured in a motorcycle crash, it’s imperative to get the protection you need. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, getting compensation for lost wages, punitive damages, pain and suffering, and hospital bills is crucial. A qualified attorney is the key factor in representation in a case where someone else’s negligence caused your injury. The motorcycle accident attorneys at our firm know this area of personal injury law and can help you through the entire process, which can be overwhelming for those who may consider going it alone. We can help you determine whether you have a case, then file all the necessary paperwork to proceed. Seeking out skilled experts in your motorcycle accident case is critical.


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