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Regardless of how badly a person is injured in an accident, even if the injuries cause death, the law imposes very strict time limits on how long a person (or his legal representative) has in which to start a law suit. These time limits are known as “statutes of limitations” and vary widely and depend on many factors such as: (1) the type of case (negligence, medial malpractice, intentional conduct, etc.); (2) who the defendant(s) are (private parties or municipalities); and (3) where the case is brought (every state has its own time limits).

There are also considerations which may allow additional time in which to bring a law suit including such things as whether: (1) the injured party is an infant; (2) the injury is concealed (objects left in the body after surgery, exposure to harmful chemicals or drugs, etc.); or (3) the defendant attempts to fraudulently mislead the plaintiff into not bringing a lawsuit (a doctor claiming medical problems, which are actually the result of malpractice, are to be expected or that a very long recovery period is “normal”).

Because so many factors must be considered when calculating the correct statute of limitations, an injured person must consult with a qualified attorney as soon as possible after an accident or once that person suspects he or she has been injured. Any mistake in calculating the statute of limitations could result in an injured person losing the right to bring a lawsuit.

At our firm, the very first thing we consider after being retained is what the correct statute of limitations is. We then do everything possible to ensure that the client’s rights are protected by commencing a lawsuit before that statute of limitations expires.

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