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Many bus accidents are caused by excessive speed or other aggravating factors such as inexperienced, intoxicated or sleep-deprived drivers or drivers with serious infractions on their driving record. Unrealistic schedules designed to make extra money are often to blame for these problems. Buses involved in serious accidents have often been found to have not been regularly serviced or to have had serious mechanical problems which should have been repaired by their owners.

There is also the fact that many small bus companies, owning one or just a few busses, operate on a very small profit margin and offer extremely inexpensive tickets. That, in turn, makes it unlikely that those particular busses are properly serviced or have state-of-the-art safety equipment. It also makes it more likely that operators will be hired despite bad driving records.

Because buses carry large numbers of passengers, a serious accident has the potential of causing many times the amount of injuries (or deaths) as accidents involving smaller vehicles. Bus passengers also fare worse in accidents because they are almost always not wearing seatbelts.

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