New York – New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents occur when a truck is involved in a motor vehicle accident. There are many considerations that are not present in the typical auto accident. Often, tractor-trailers are being operated by drivers who are tired and otherwise impaired. Trying to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines or attempting to make additional money by adding extra runs has been well-documented as leading to drivers failing to rest for the required amount of time or using amphetamines to stay awake. Large trucks are also prone to “jackknifing” and otherwise losing control in bad weather or when forced to make an emergency stops. When this occurs, there is very little the occupants of smaller, lighter vehicles can do to save themselves from very serious injuries or death. Finally, there are many federal regulations that apply to “big rigs” in terms of their operation, capacity, safety inspections and other critical factors related to such trucks. Only an attorney versed in the litigation of truck-related accidents should be retained when someone is injured or killed in this type of accident.

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