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A burn injury┬áis considered to be the most dreaded of all injuries. “Unbearable” is a word frequently used to describe the pain, both when the burn occurs and during the lengthy, agonizing treatments. Scarring is disfiguring and, especially on hands, leaves them less flexible. A burn victim is often unable to resume their previous career; family relationships are damaged because of the psychological, physical and financial stress. Burn victims and families go through a period of emotional readjustment, learning how to deal with all the changes in their lives.

Burn Types

Burns typically happen so quickly that there is no escape possible. A flash burn from a natural gas or propane explosion is over in an instant. Scalding water at 156 degrees F. will cause a deep burn in one second (just-brewed coffee is 180 degrees F.). Chemical burns are especially nasty because they continue to damage the skin until the burning agent is deactivated. Electrical burns cause internal as well as external damage; the internal damage is often the most serious. Radiation burns also cause damage to bodily organs, frequently requiring decontamination to stop the burn’s progression.

Burn Treatments

Patients with severe burn injuries are usually first treated in an Emergency Room before being transported to a Burn Center for extended treatment. Burn victims are vulnerable to infections and dehydration in addition to the direct burn damage. Debridement (the removal of dead tissue) may be the treatment burn victims dread the most. This extremely painful treatment must be done prior to skin grafts and is performed multiple times. Skin grafts from a person’s own body are best because they become permanent, whereas donor skin is often rejected. Cosmetic surgery is often necessary and, again, multiple operations may be required. A burned child may require repeated operations as they grow up.

Bloomberg, Steinberg & Bader has been representing people who have been injured because of another’s negligence for over 20 years. They have achieved successful outcomes for their clients in a wide variety of injury cases, including burn injuries. Seth Bader is the firm’s senior trial attorney, well-known for the dedication, persistence and skill spent fighting for his client’s best interests. Mr. Bader practices law in both New York and New Jersey. Anyone suffering from a burn or other injury caused by another person should contact this reputable, experienced firm.


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