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Unfortunately, accidents in pools and beaches are a frequent occurrence and can have devastating consequences. They may happen at a private or public pool or beach and come about because of dangerous conditions or a lack of proper or adequate safety instructions or personnel. Some of the most devastating injuries and deaths occur at locations on public property where children or young adults dive or swim in unsupervised places such as vacant property, abandoned piers and open stretches of waterfront property. In such places warning signs as well as fences may be needed to prevent the property from being used for swimming and diving. Often, these areas contained submerged objects that cannot be seen from above. Many people have died or suffered paralyzing spinal cord injuries after striking such objects upon diving into what they believed was deep water.

Even regulated private beaches and pools may be extremely dangerous due to having too few trained lifeguards or security personnel. There may also be a problem with signage so that swimmers are not made aware of the depth of the water at various locations and the prohibition against diving in certain places because the water is too shallow.

Swimming and diving accidents can be deadly or leave a victim paralyzed for life. For this reason, only a highly experienced negligence attorney should be consulted immediately after such an accident occurs. This may very well make the difference between success and failure.

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