New York – New Jersey Intentional Injury

Sometimes the most devastating injuries can be caused by the intentional wrongdoing of others, and often these incidents occur in the workplace. In those situations, in addition to the wrongdoer being held responsible, the employer may also be held responsible for failing to screen the wrongdoer at the time of hiring, or failing to adequately supervise the wrongdoer.

Intentional acts which come within this area of the law are:

    • battery (the intentional touching of a person, without consent, that causes injury)
    • assault (intentionally putting a person in fear of a battery [no touching required])
    • unlawful imprisonment (intentionally and wrongfully depriving someone of their freedom)
    • malicious prosecution (intentionally and wrongfully pursuing a criminal action against someone)
    • abuse of process (improperly and intentionally using certain types of legal remedies to cause damage to another)
    • libel (damaging defamatory remarks that are written)
    • slander (damaging defamatory remarks that are spoken)
    • intentional infliction of emotional distress (intentionally causing psychological harm to a person)

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