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Negligent security occurs whenever a property owner provides people with a place where they reasonably believe they will be safe to live, visit, or enjoy some form of entertainment, fails to provide adequate security. In apartment buildings, adequate security may be a locked entrance with a buzzer or intercom system. At a movie theater, adequate security may be one or more security guards. At a concert or sporting event, metal detectors and a force of security guards may be necessary to provide reasonable security to spectators.

Clearly, the type of premises or the event being held dictates what the level of security should be.

For example, a documentary film at a local theater may require only one security guard (if that), while opening night of a blockbuster action film in a major theater in Times Square might require dozens of uniformed and undercover security personnel. The area in which a multiple dwelling is located may also dictate the need for more (or less) security. High crime areas prone to muggings and burglaries require security measures like locked entrances and intercom systems to be kept in proper working order at all times.

Whenever a property owner expects a large gathering, such as for a concert or exhibition, there should be enough security personnel to be able to control the crowd in case of an emergency or other occurrence that could lead to panic or confusion.

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