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Car Accident LawyerAutomobile accidents are a common cause of personal injuries. However, just because you have been injured by a car that may have been driven in a negligent manner does not automatically mean that you can sue the owner or operator of that vehicle. Many states, New York included, have “no-fault insurance” regulations that restrict law suits to only the more serious cases involving injuries that must meet certain “threshold” levels. When the injuries are below those thresholds, the injured person is compensated for his medical and certain other expenses from his own insurance.

Any moving vehicle is capable of being involved in an accident. It is estimated that a motor vehicle accident occurs about every 10 seconds in the U.S. That is about 9,000 accidents every day and approximately 3.2 million each year. This makes motor vehicle, aviation, maritime, and train accident cases the most common type of negligence litigation in the United States.

Accidents involving automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles (i.e., construction equipment) that use our roads and highways make up the largest percentage of personal injury and wrongful death cases in American courts.

Our firm has successfully prosecuted hundreds of such cases and, as a result, we are prepared to investigate these cases quickly and to retain accident reconstruction experts whenever necessary.

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