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With offices in New York City and Hackensack, New Jersey, for over 30 years the primary focus at Bloomberg, Steinberg Bader has been on the representation of those in our community who have suffered personal or economic injuries as a result of negligence and misconduct. Each matter is pursued with legal sophistication and expertise, and most importantly, we never compromise on our dedication to each and every case we handle.

Each case is investigated thoroughly, prepared meticulously, and pursued vigorously. All matters are given personal attention by an attorney, and every client is afforded frequent communication and exceptional professional service. To be sure, every case in our office has a face and not just a file number.

Our dedication comes from the cumulative experience gained over the 50 years that our firm has been in existence; first as a commercial law practice and then, since 1987, as a firm concentrating in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Our reputation in the legal community is outstanding.

Many colleagues and law firms consult with us on their most complex matters and we take referrals from other attorneys in serious cases where they wish to have us prosecute the litigation and ultimately bring those cases to trial. This type of relationship is not a typical one and is directly related to our proven track record of exceptional results in major personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Our firm also offers a full range of services by maintaining a close working relationship with a number of New York and New Jersey law firms that handle all types of non-personal injury matters and litigation. including commercial transactions, real estate matters, wills, trusts and estates, matrimonial cases, corporate law and insurance matters.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of personal integrity, professional responsibility and excellence at all times and we draw our strength from our clients’ trust.

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