Here are some of the nice words our clients have said about our firm:

Seth Bader is a pit-bull of a lawyer. He took on the case of my then 17-month-old daughter who was severely burned by the excessively hot water in my apartment in 2005.
Mr.Bader put together a case that took nearly six years to complete. The case was not an easy one and, at one point was dismissed by the Appellate Division.
Mr.Bader did not give up; instead he put together a phenomenal team of appeals lawyers who got my case heard by the Court of Appeals (New York’s highest court) in Albany. The Court of Appeals reversed the Appellate Division and ordered that my case should go before a jury to decide.
His preparation for trial is nothing short of genius because he always thinks of the if, and, and but and his never-ending, “Oh and by the way.”
Mr. Bader believes in his clients and it shows in his dedication to their cases. He is a dedicated workaholic, no holds barred, but above all, honest attorney. My daughter, who is now almost 10, and I are forever grateful to him because he never gave up on our case and made sure that my daughter’s future is secured.

Mr. Bader is a great attorney. My family and I were very happy with the settlement he got. We will always recommend him.
Mr. Bader believes in all his clients and he fights for them. He is always explains everything in an honest way. Mr. Bader made me feel very comfortable when I talked to him. The best thing about Mr. Bader is that when you call his office to speak with him, he actually speaks to you and, if he’s not there, you speak to his paralegal, Nellie. This is very important for clients to know. Speaking with Nellie is always a pleasure and she helped my family out a great deal with my case. She listens and understands and that is also very important. They make a good team and any client will always be pleased with them.

Thank you for everything. I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness, and responsiveness of your services. You were very knowledgeable and a real expert in solving the case. On a personal note, your dedication, concern and interest in me as a client were very much appreciated. Thank you for winning my case. You have earned my recommendation.
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and attention you gave my family. Not only did you take all the thought, worry and detail out of our hands in this suit, you did it all with the girls and our families best interest at heart. It was impressive to see you at work and to hear the judge comment on the record that you discounted your fees for reasons unknown to the court – I know it was so the girls would benefit and that is so incredibly gracious and generous. Thank you also for guiding us through the process… I hope we continue to share in each others joyous times and I am so thankful that we have you and Margo as friends in both good and bad times.
Much love,

Dear Mr. Bader,
On behalf of my twin daughters…and myself I would like to have the opportunity to “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart. Not only you helped our family with daily struggles but most importantly you helped ease the girls’ life immensely. You have given my daughters a gift far more valuable then any amount a jury could award. You and your assistant/secretary Nellie have a rare combination of qualities that is hard to find these days,- ability to excel on a professional level and instill total trust in a client. We really appreciate all the time and hard work that you and Nellie have put in the girls’ matter. Not only did we have the right attorney to handle our case with professionalism but also with extreme dedication. You are relentless in your pursuit to seek justice for your client and treat them as your own family. I would strongly encourage anyone in need of a malpractice attorney like you. THANK YOU once again !!!

Seth Bader is a consummate professional. As a senior involved in a fall, which broke my arm, followed by surgery and a prolonged recuperation, Seth was gentle, kind, and always sensitive to my condition (he visited my home to collect information; visited the scene of the accident and at another time sent me home in a taxi from his office).
He always included me in the legal issues in a non-condescending, non-legalistic way setting out the parameters, valuing my input and accepting my decision.
He also provided a support staff, particularly his paralegal (Nellie), who worked tirelessly to obtain and organize my medical bills.
I couldn’t have asked anything more from a lawyer – compassionate at the same time legally focused in the task – obtaining a reasonable settlement.

We…appreciate all the work you did and we know that the accommodation you made for us was incredibly generous. I have no words to thank you. We…know you did this work as you would have for your own kids. We never had a moments doubt about anything you proposed or the course you chose to take. Most importantly to us is that you found a way to get the largest settlement possible… You and Margo have been the best friends we could ask for. Please also pass along our thanks to your entire office staff.
Peace and Love,

My experience with the Bader law firm has been exceptional. Mrs. Rivera and Mr. Bader in a scary time of my life were supportive and comforting when no one else was. They helped me find a resolution for a situation that left my husband, my children, and myself broken. My experience with the both of them was extremely positive. It is obvious that they care about their clients.