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Motor vehicle accidents within the broad category of “negligence,” the most prevalent type of case involves transportation-related accidents. Any vehicle or means of transportation is quite capable of injuring or killing a person if operated in a careless or negligent manner. Often, these accidents occur because of inattention, distraction, excessive speed, operator error or incapacitation due to intoxication or medication, or failure to consider physical or lighting conditions, the distance needed to stop the type of vehicle in question, the condition of the road or surface the vehicle is on, or the weather conditions.

Every year, in the U.S. alone, there are in excess of five million motor vehicle accidents in which over 40,000 people are killed and another three million injured. Transportation-related accidents, however, go well beyond those involving automobiles since there are literally hundreds of types of vehicles capable of injuring and killing pedestrians, passengers and people using other vehicles of any type including the following:

• Automobiles
• Ambulances
• Bicycles
• Boats and ferries
• Buses
• Construction and farm vehicles
• Fire trucks
• Golf carts
• Motorcycles or motor scooters
• Off- road vehicles
• Planes and Helicopters
• Police cars
• Tour vehicles at amusement parks or resorts
• Trains and trams
• Trucks (of all kinds)
• Utility company vehicles

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